My Story

Hola! This is usually how I greet people because my family is from Colombia and it’s a fun and friendly word. I’m so happy and grateful you’re here. So how do you squeeze your life and life’s purpose into a few paragraphs for the world to see? Let’s find out!

I live my life by three words – LIVE.LIFE.NOW. I live a fun, adventurous life full of joy and I’m passionate about helping others do the same. But it hasn’t always been this way. Not too long ago I was working 60-70 hours a week and waiting to retire before I truly lived my life. I was 30 pounds overweight, stressed, tired 24/7 and oh so sad. How the F&%K did I get here?

Well, I’ll keep this as short as possible, more detail to be provided in blog posts. I’m first generation American born in Hollywood, California, my first language is Spanish and I was raised with a typical immigrant mentality – get good grades, go to the right schools, work your booty off, save your money and someday you’ll be married and successful. Then when you’re seventy-ish you can retire and have fun. YAY? Well, that’s exactly what I did. I graduated with honors from the University of Southern California (football fans don’t hold that against me), I bought two houses and was married, divorced and promoted to Vice President by the time I was thirty. I was very accomplished, haha! For the next twenty years I practiced getting really good at bad relationships, worked my ass off taking four tech companies public, bought bigger and bigger houses closer and closer to the beach and acquired nicer more expensive cars.

Then several things happened, including my heart stopping (literally), that drove the point home that that there isn’t always tomorrow. This fabulous six-figure “successful” life nearly killed me. Worse yet, I was watching boatloads of other people, mainly women, do the same damn thing. I finally decided to make some changes and once I decided, my life began to transform (I’ll explain why the word decide is so important in a future blog post).

I slowed down, took a breath (lots of them) and started doing the work. I focused more on the important things in life—my health, my relationships, my growth as an individual, and contributing to other people and the world in meaningful ways. I discovered the things that light me up and feed my soul – travel, adventure, live music, volunteering, puppies, yoga, sweet potato bread and sunrise workouts just to name a few. Which brings me to why I created this site. I believe women need to support each other, share stories, lessons and wisdom, laugh & cry together, to know we are not alone on our journey, and find strength, power and grace in each other.

This site is a place for me to share not just my journey, but the journeys of other courageous goddesses as well. Through stories and photos, my goal is to role model what it looks like to feel alive each and every day no matter what and provide tools & resources that help women achieve it for themselves. I’m here to be as authentic and real as possible, and to inspire you to take action and have certainty that you can activate the light within you and create joy in your life. Because once you do that, your whole life changes and you’re able to live your happiest & best life everyday. One by one, If we each practice being joyful and kind, the circle gets bigger and the world gets better.

Just to be clear, it ain’t over yet, I’m by no means perfect and the journey continues. My wish is that more fabulous women (like you!) join me on this journey and that we continue to transform and change the world together. And if you’d like to share your story or stay connected, make sure you join the Live Life Now community- just enter you name and email below.

Take my hand and let me be your guide in this fun and wild life!