Live Life Now Experiences

Are you ready to LIVE.LIFE.NOW? Do you want to create extraordinary moments instead of waiting for them to happen to you? Are you ready to push your limits and feel truly alive? Join me on a Live Life Now Experience and reignite the light inside you.  It’s this light that makes you feel alive and allows you to be the light for the people you love. These experiences are life changing!

Live Life Now Experiences are for those who take living life now seriously and want to take massive action. These are half-day to eight-day experiential, immersive journeys designed to take you out of your comfort zone, practice creating magic moments and feeling alive everyday in magical places. For some, these journeys will reignite the light within that’s been put out (temporarily) by the stressors of life. For all of you, the desired outcome is for you to learn new habits that allow you to create the #feelalive feeling so you can do it at home each and everyday. These are trips of a lifetime and you’ll come home with not only epic memories and amazing photos that serve as reminders, but also an action plan that defines what things/activities make you feel alive, obstacles holding you back and how you’ll incorporate this into your day-to-day. This will improve the quality of your life AND the lives of the people around you!

All experiences come with a Live Life Now journal, #LiveLifeNow stickers to share, and a water bottle. Locations will change over time so you can continue taking transformational trips and always experience new places.  And in the true spirit of living life now, if there’s one that excites you, do it now. DO NOT WAIT!

More details on our experiences will be provided soon. Please contact me if you’re interested in hearing more right away.

Extended Experiences

Extended Experiences last from 4-8 days and allow you to be fully immersed in feeling alive and practicing the Live Life Now principles 24/7.  Remember, these are not just trips or vacations, they are immersive experiences designed to effect change.

The Iceland Experience

Iceland is one of my favorite places on this planet. It has infinite natural beauty, a high vibration and lots of opportunities to push your limits. The 6-8 day Iceland Experience provides endless adventurous options – hiking to waterfalls, arctic rafting & surfing, snorkeling & diving between the Eurasian and North American continents, exploring the inside of a volcano, SUP amongst icebergs, yoga on black sand beaches, glacier climbing, ice caving, the list goes on. This experience will be offered in the summer in order to take advantage of the 20-24 hour daylight at that time of year and late fall/early winter to chase the Northern Lights (sightings are dependent on weather and not guaranteed).

The Amazon Experience

Experience the Amazon with a local and see the Brazilian, Peruvian AND Colombian Amazon, they are each very different. This 8-day trip is truly an adventure and will push your limits physically, mentally and emotionally; it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s hot, humid, there are bugs and hot water is not always available. Just sayin’…it’s an adventure. You’ll have the opportunity to hold an Anaconda, cuddle with a sloth, sleep in a tree house, zip line and rope climb in the jungle, kayak down a river navigating constant turns and dodging tree branches, dance with indigenous people, hike the jungle at night and see a whole different view of the Amazon, and nap in a gently rocking hammock alongside an Amazonian lake filled with Caiman (Amazonian alligators) and piranhas.  Have I scared you yet?  If yes, then you should definitely do this experience, I promise you’ll feel more alive than you ever have and you’ll return home with epic memories and stories.

The Colombia Experience

A friend from Berlin travelling through Colombia said to me recently, “I had no idea how beautiful Colombia is.  Every new place I go it gets better, how is this possible?” Colombia is very receptive to tourists and much safer than it has been in the past but many are still fearful of going there. THIS is the perfect opportunity to go. On the 7-day Colombia Experience you will travel with a Colombian who speaks the language and knows the country. Here you’ll see volcanoes, waterfalls, Caribbean beaches, the Lost City, and so much more.

The Utah Experience

This is the only US-based extended experience currently offered due to the magnificence of Moab (Canyonlands and Arches National Parks), Bryce and Zion.  This 4-5 day experience will be offered starting late spring 2020. Photos coming in October 2019.

Experience Series

The Experience Series is perfect for those of you who want to take action right away but are not able to take a week off at the moment.  It’s also great for people who want to ease into the incredible feeling of feeling alive. The series comes with three experiences. You must do a minimum of three to get the most benefit. The series works best when followed by an Extended Experience soon after. If you’re local to Southern California, you can do these one at a time and if you live further away, three can be done in 2-3 consecutive days or a weekend. Currently offering the following experiences:

  • Zip-Line on Catalina Island
  • Pole Dancing at S-Factor
  • Trapeze on the Santa Monica Pier
  • Tandem surf in Malibu
  • Crew a sailboat
  • Skydive with full ocean view
  • Hike the Santa Monica Mountains