Iceland Airwaves 2017 – We Survived Grisalappalisa

“A new voice has emerged in Icelandic rock—it is loud, angry, literate and groovy”. Grísalappalísa is a seven-piece pop outfit from Reykjavik, Iceland. Armed with razor-sharp lyrics and block rockin’ beats, Grísalappalísa’s shows and musical output are second to none.”

While there were moments that we feared for our lives standing in the front row during the totally rad @Grisalappalisa show at Gambla Bio, this seven-piece rock band known for “its sexually charged and out of control performances”, did not disappoint.  From countless stage dives, singing on the floor amongst the audience, to passing a guitar around the audience, we were all mesmerized every second of the show.  Check out the video with our very own Jose Ramos (aka OrangeMan) banging it out with the band.  Try not to get dizzy watching the first video, I had a tough time hanging onto my phone, yikes!

Note: My photos are focused on frontman Gunnar Ragnarsson but the band is comprised of six other well-seasoned, talented musicians form Iceland who all come together to create a fun and wild experience for their audience. They are a must see even if you’re not into their music, they put on an epic performance!


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