My services aim to spread the word to #livelifenow and empower women to find their light and feel alive. I love working with people and brands that want to make the world a better place so please reach out if you’d like to collaborate, work together or travel with me! Keep reading for more information.

Brand Collaborations

Are you a brand looking for someone joyful, inspiring and authentic to work with?  I absolutely love working with my favorite people and brands!  The following types of brands resonate most: surf camps, yoga retreats, eco-resorts, travel & fitness companies, spiritual practitioners and organizations seeking to clean up the environment, especially our oceans, but open to other ideas if they make sense.

Contact me if you’re interested in brand ambassadorship, featured posts, giveaways and advertising. I’m also looking for partners and sponsors for individual and group adventure trips around the world.


Live Life Now Experiences are for those who take living life now seriously and want to take massive action. These are one to eight-day experiential, immersive journeys designed to take you out of your comfort zone, practice creating magic moments and feeling alive everyday in magical places such as Iceland, Chile, Colombia, California and Utah. For some, these journeys will re-ignite the light within that’s been put out (temporarily) by the common stressors of life. For all of you, the desired outcome is to help you learn new habits that allow you to create the #feelalive feeling so you can do it each and everyday. These are trips of a lifetime and you’ll come home with not only epic memories and amazing photos that serve as reminders, but also an action plan that defines the things/activities make you feel alive, obstacles holding you back and how you’ll incorporate this into your day-to-day. This will improve the quality of your life AND the lives of the people around you!

Freelance Writing

I love to write and always have.  It was only recently that I discovered that my writing touched and inspired people. Friends and co-workers, women ranging from twenty-something to sixty-something, encouraged me for over two years to formalize my writing and start a blog. Next I’ll be working on my first book. It seems only natural to write for other blogs as well. I’d be honored and excited to contribute to other blogs that share the same vision so contact me with opportunities!


I am not the type of speaker who simply delivers information and gives a Powerpoint presentation. Anyone can do that.  If you’re looking for a speaker who will bare her soul, and inspire people to take action through real life stories that make them laugh and cry and touch their hearts, then I am the speaker for you. I speak at women’s groups and events about life transformation and the importance of living life now versus “someday” or “one day”.  I’m on a mission to instill a sense of urgency in people everywhere to feel alive everyday starting NOW!  Live events are the most rewarding because of the energy and high vibration we create with the participants. Speaking to women feeds my soul and is one of my favorite things to do.

Personal Coaching

I love love love inspiring and working with women of all ages!  Life is full of transitions from the moment we leave the womb until we take our last breath.  When we’re children, we have our parents to help us through the transitions most of the time but as adults, who do we turn to?  Friends can be a great resource but may not always have the tools and life experience to help us through challenging times.  Think of me (and this site) as a very wise and empathetic friend who has “been there done that” and not only lived to tell about it, but has thrived through it all.  

Life’s transitions can be good and not so good….they all create stress of some kind and during these times its crucial that we think clearly, have our hearts and minds open and be good to ourselves. Sometimes we just need someone to guide us through to the other side. Are you a woman in transition? 

  • Are you recently divorced or in the process of (I’ve been there, I can totally relate),
  • Are you changing or leaving your career?
  • Are your kids leaving the nest and you don’t know what’s next? 
  • Are you living in or considering a move to a new city?
  • Are you just feeling stuck in your life but maybe not sure why or what to do about it?

Send me a note, tell me about it, YOU.ARE.NOT.ALONE. I’m not your typical coach. I’ve been through Life Mastery University with Tony Robbins and have utilized some of the best coaches around for the last twenty years. I still work with a coach who continues to challenge me to grow.  So what I’ve done is taken the tools, techniques and resources that worked best for me and created my own coaching style. My intention in working with women is to re-ignite the light inside that makes you feel alive. The light that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning and grateful for your day when you go to bed at night.  If this speaks to you, send me an email and we can discuss how I can help.